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Your Digital Supply Chain

What is a Digital

Supply Chain?

  • Makes use of machine to machine interfaces via digital interfaces like API

  • Automates business processes to achieve the lowest transactional cost and highest velocity

  • Incorporates feedback from IoT devices

  • Works with your supply chain in unsiloed commodity relationships


By offering predictive analytics, a Digital Supply Chain serves the organization as a value center.  Risk is mitigated through scenario-based planning beyond disaster recovery.  Cloud-based applications offer portability, redundancy and 24/7 access without the drama of constantly being surprised by the unknown.  A Digital Supply Chain saves your organization money and gets your product to market before the competition.  You’ve come to expect that from online retailers in your personal buying habits.  Why expect less from the business partner with whom you are spending millions?  The Keystone Partnership is delivering on the promise of the Digital Supply Chain. 

The Benefits of a

Digital Supply Chain.

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