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Strong Supply Chain Management Resourcing
Supply chain consolidation, technology advancement and cost reduction processes.  


The Keystone Partnership, LLC was founded in 2005 to offer OEM clients a more sophisticated supply chain resource, making use of technology to increase the automation of internal business processes and to advance the digital integration with both customers and suppliers.  We believe unsiloed commodity management and a Digital Supply Chain offers increased levels of service and reliability at a decreased cost.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with forward-thinking companies in solving the challenges common to the supply chain of today, and tomorrow.


The Keystone Partnership offers logistic services and is not a manufacturer.  Our Clients consolidate purchase requirements across multiple commodities and source those requirements to The Keystone Partnership.  We, in turn, maintain cooperative relationships with our Supplier partners and source our Client requirements to the best possible manufacturing resource.  We store the inventory and then ship it to the Client when required, often directly from our Supplier partners.  


This additional supply chain layer does not introduce additional cost.  By reducing transactional cost and consolidating spend across multiple silos, our Clients are reducing costs and increasing supply chain accountability.  Supply chain portability and redundancy is also increased as The Keystone Partnership works with multiple Suppliers to achieve the best on-time delivery, quality and cost profile.  In summary, think about Amazon.  Not all the goods for sale on Amazon’s website are supplied or fulfilled by Amazon, but consumers find the convenience of sourcing a variety of goods on one site offers cost advantages, additional variety and transactional advantages.

Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative

It is the policy of The Keystone Partnership, LLC to be responsible in the sourcing of products and services from our Supply Chain trading partners.  Key to this objective is the sourcing of conflict-free minerals in compliance with the issued legislation.  We proactively review material sourced and require our suppliers to certify as to the origins of 3TG minerals in accordance with the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative.  The Keystone Partnership, LLC also provides certification to our customers using the industry standard Conflict Minerals Reporting Template, CMRT.

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